Long Egypt Trailer 2011: 17246307 :

Teaser Trailer 2010: 13345521 :



11 Responses to Trailers

  1. Jumana says:

    “female rock musicians on rooftops,”
    Interesting !!! I really want to see this all girl Egyptian rock band 🙂
    when is the movie going to be released ?

    • Kal Naga says:

      🙂 yup!
      premiere @ tiff10 then by Jan in Cairo

      • Jumana says:

        what about Saudi Arabia..when will it be released ><
        meh! forget it.. I think I'll just wait for the DVD : (
        Thanks Kal !

    • Sherine Amr says:

      Hello ,

      This is Sherine , lead vocalist of the band , we actually play hardcore metal , we have a concert at el sawy wheel on the 25th of sep. check out the music and if it fits your taste then you’re most than welcome to attend our gig 🙂

      thank you

      • Kal Naga says:

        Yeaaah .. Im there..
        Oh No… sorry cannt .. will be out of Cairo
        Break a leg!

      • Jumana says:

        Rock on Sherine \m/
        heavy metal is even better : D..I wanna hear some of your jamming sessions or gigs if possible u have a myspace account or any other site ?

  2. rhelmii says:


  3. Lily says:

    I watched the movie in Vancouver International Film Festival. I am waiting for the soundtrack, but until then, would someone let me know where I can find some of the songs of the movie? I searched U-Tube but couldnt find any. I would appreciate if you let me know.

    • annie says:

      I saw the film last night at the BFI film festival in London and someone asked the same question and was told that alot of the music is on the internet on sites like MySpace if you Google the artist/s – hope you manage to find it!

      I really enjoyed this film – a very interesting insight into youth culture in Alexandria and very well made.

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  5. Nancy says:

    Is there any way those of us living abroad can see this film? Is it available online anywhere?

    It looks really good!

    If not, when is the DVD coming out?

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