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Actor, Producer & Director from Egypt
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  1. Rana says:

    I attended the SFIFF screening of Microphone and couldn’t have been happier to see the movie and sit through the interesting Q&A session afterward.
    The movies is truly wonderful with its interesting layers which span an entire breadth of subjects and clearly foreshadows the revolution in egypt on different levels. i think it was especially appealing for an Arab expat like myself who identifies with many of the characters in the movie, namely, Khaled and his girlfriend who represent a lot of the conflicting feelings and perceptions about “home”.

    I have a small request if possible: some of my non-arab friends enjoyed a lot of the music but in particular the mawal in the middle of the movie about someone writing a letter to his loved one (can’t remember which band that was). Is it possible to find the song online? and if so is a translation available for non-arab speakers? I recall that the mawal was translated as it was playing? I hope this is possible?

    many many thanks for a beautiful movie and for introducing the music treasures to the wider audience,

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